Winter Wedding Palette Ideas

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Winter Wedding Palette Ideas

6 color schemes to inspire your holiday fairytale

Winter is the off-season for weddings, but marrying the love of your life between the months of December to February has many advantages that you may not have thought about! There’s less competition for venues, and rates are often lower during this season. The venue you choose may likely be beautifully decorated already for the holidays, which can save you money on decorations and give your ceremony a special, cozy feel. You don’t have to stress about the humidity that could kill your curls or about sweating your makeup off in the sweltering summer heat.

But the best part about winter weddings, in our opinion, is the colors.  

Spring, summer, and fall all have their unique charm, but winter colors are so different from the rest. We’ve found more breathtaking photographs of dark green gowns, icy blue flowers, deep gold decorations, and soft maroon accents that are simply stunning. Winter colors can be more appealing to your bridal party (dark colors flatter, regardless of skin color or body type, while some of the brighter pastels you may see in spring and summer only flatter those with a certain hair color, skin tone, and body type).

Here are six winter palettes we’re swooning over: (find photo credit below)

#1 – Maroon and Gold



#2 – Navy Blue and Gold



#3 – Sage Green, Camel, and Grey



#4 – Lilac, Plum, Grey, and Green



#5 – Icy Blue and Silver/White



#6 – Black. Emerald, and Gold


Which one of these is your favorite? Let us know in the comments, and shop matching getting-ready satin robes at! Find comfortable, monogrammable robes your bridesmaids will love that match your winter wedding palette! Also shop tote bags, tumblers, jewelry, and more within your color scheme!


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