Wedding Signage Inspiration

October 23, 2019

wedding signage ideas

Wedding Signage Inspiration

Some of our favorite picks for communicating anything to your wedding guests!



Part of the wedding decoration is wedding signage - words! Intentionally choosing the cute signs that tell your guests where to go, what to expect, and what to remember are one way to add your personal touch to your wedding day. 

This isn't something you have to have - not every wedding has the same type or amount of signage, and some weddings don't have any at all! - but if this is a decorative touch you want, we've got some ideas for you. 


Use Mirrors!

Elegant, tasteful, beautiful. Your photographer will adore you.


mirror wedding welcome signs

mirror wedding seating chart


Be Funny!

Everyone loves a little humor. Make them laugh! And you can totally keep it classy!


dance floor wedding signs

funny wedding signs

cute and funny wedding signs letterboard

HereComestheGuide, WeddingWire

Line Your Aisle!

Instead of flowers, you could choose to op for including word decor in your ceremony that has meaning for you both! Lay them on the ground or hang them from the backs of seats. 


wedding aisle decoration ideas

aisle wedding sign decor

 Emmaline Bridal

Large Banners!!

We're VERY obsessed with this current wedding trend. Print out your larger than life vows, hang up song lyrics or poems or Bible verses, or celebrate the theme of the day by getting can't-miss banners. You can put them behind your sweetheart table at the reception, outside for guests to admire, or even have them as the backdrop for your ceremony!


large wedding banner

large ceremony wedding banners

big banner wedding vows

big banner wedding vows printed ceremony decor

 Weddings by Wednesday, Style Me Pretty

What other wedding signs are part of your dream wedding? What's the most creative/beautiful you've ever seen? We'd love to see other inspiration! Share it with us in the comments! We love weddings, and helping people plan for weddings, and helping people decorate their weddings, and helping people  save you stress and money when it comes to bridesmaid gifts for the whole wedding party!

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