Wedding Details You Can't Forget About

August 01, 2019

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Wedding Details You Can't Forget About

Don't let these small, important things get lost in the chaos! 


Planning a wedding is probably one of the most stressful things you'll do in your life. If you're the bride, you already have a million and one things to keep track of leading up to the big day; it's totally understandable that some things may slip through the cracks! The hard truth is that nothing is going to go perfectly according to plan (which is fine - perfection is boring!), but that doesn't mean that you can't still prepare the best you can. This blog post is our way of nudging you to remember little details you may have forgotten to account for!

What this article is not: fluff. There are plenty of articles out there that talk about decorative/creative things you may not have thought of, but this is purely for things that every bride absolutely NEEDS to think of. 

(Tip: If you're absolutely overloaded with information, we recommend sending this article to your bridesmaids or your MOH, or someone you trust to remind you about these details before the big day or even take care of them for you!)

Details like....

The cake knife/server

Did you know that this is one set of items that is not generally included with your cake? Discuss it with the company/person providing your cake beforehand to make sure that if they are not going to bring this item, you have enough time to buy a beautiful knife and server. These items will be prominently featured in photographs, so make sure they're not just cheap plastic! 

bride and groom cutting cake

Vendor meals

One of us has been personally victimized by a bride's forgetfulness in this area (it was totally unintentional - sweetest bride ever - but it was a 12 hour day of photography with no food for us. Yikes!) Your vendors are people too, and they need to eat to stay on their feet! Many of them will have it in their contracts, but even if they don't, it is expected that you feed them dinner. It doesn't have to be what the other guests are eating, but it should be a decent meal. (Arrange to have them eat when you eat, so they don't miss any of the action.)

vendor meals at wedding receptions


Overnight bag/dress bag

If you're leaving right after the wedding for a hotel, make SURE that you both you and your hubby's clothes (and change of clothes, if you're changing before leaving the reception) ready to go, as well as any essentials you'll need that night (toothbrush, contact solution, clothes for the morning, lingerie, SHOES - everyone forgets shoes - etc.) 

Also, if you're changing, don't forget that someone has to transport your dress to your future residence/mom's place/maid of honor's place. It just can't get left at the venue! So make sure that you designate a point person to a) make sure you bring your dress bag to the venue and b) pick up your dress/partner's tux and get it where it needs to go after the night is over. 

wedding dress hanging up


It's polite to tip most of your vendors (we know, we know, another wedding cost) if gratuity was not included in your contracts. You're a nice person, but this is probably the last thing on your mind, so a few days before, put all of the tips in labeled envelopes and give them to someone you really trust to hand them out (not forget, not lose them, etc.) If you're not sure how much to tip, do your research online or with friends (or check out this guide from The Knot!)


vendor gratuity


Emergency kit

The devil is in the details. It's always a good idea to have a bag of spares for the bride in case something minor goes wrong; have extra bobby pins, the makeup essentials, some sort of stain remover, needle and thread the same color as your dress, bandaids, ibuprofen, hairspray, deodorant, and etc. Anticipate the worst little things that could happen and then put the solutions in your bag! 


wedding day emergency kit


Gift plan/person

Clearly, you aren't going to lug all of those presents with you on your honeymoon. Ensure that there is a plan in place for getting those gifts to your new residence or to a family member's/bridesmaid's current residence - don't just leave your poor family with the stress of trying to shove them all in their cars haphazardly. 


wedding gifts

Detailed inclement weather plan

This will likely have been discussed already with your venue/wedding coordinator, but make sure you have a plan in place for rain! While it's traditionally considered "good luck", it's a hassle, and if you don't have a contingency plan it's enough to ruin anyone's mood, even the happiest of brides. And don't let it be a passing thought, like "Oh, if it rains we'll just move the ceremony inside" - no, you need a very specific plan for every aspect of the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. Talk to your wedding coordinator or venue if you need help determining the specifics! 

rainy wedding kiss


Extra ceremony seats

This is something you probably have not thought of, but not everyone will sit right next to the next people in the row (think of how it is when you enter an event venue, class, or church. Awkward, right?). You'll almost certainly end up with one or two empty seats per row, and if you only have exactly the right amount of chair as your guest count, you'll end up with some people who don't get seats. So you definitely want to either make signage encouraging people to squeeze in (S.O.S. - Slide Over Some? Just a thought!) or have 10-15 or so extra chairs. 


wedding ceremony chairs


Factor yourself into guest count

Couples forget to do this all the time! You count when it comes to catering, alcohol, and all of the other services you're paying for. So does your bridal party and groomsmen! 


bride and groom at wedding reception


Gifts for loved ones

We count this as a need. Really, it's easy to leave out those closest to you because you know they just love you and want you to have the best day ever. But sweet and thoughtful presents/cards for your moms, dads, and siblings go a long way in letting them know how grateful you are for all they've done to make this wedding happen.  


bride and father of the bride


Transportation for bridal party/groomsmen/you

If they rode with you, they'll need another way home! Make sure that everyone on your bridal party knows how they're getting back from the reception and that they nudge the groomsmen (who are probably unconcerned) to figure that out as well. 

And you need a ride too! You need a ride, not only to your hotel or to the airport, but also between the ceremony venue and the reception, if they're not in the same place. Don't forget the transportation details - you probably don't want to end up in an Uber in all of your wedding day finery! 


getaway car bride


Practice the kiss

Most couples don't kiss often in front of people, if at all, but on your wedding day, this kiss will be the center of attention! Not to mention that it will be immortalized in wedding photographs for eternity. So you want to make sure you look good doing it! You'll be wearing makeup, so you want to make sure you don't get that all over him and he doesn't smudge it too much. And remember, your grandmas are there. Don't be gross, or too passionate, and don't keep it too short, but keep it sweet. We recommend watching Kate and Will's famous kiss on YouTube if you're not sure what a wedding kiss should look like! 


bride and groom kiss


What you're wearing the morning of the wedding

You are spending so much money on your photographer, hair, and makeup - you can't afford for your hair to get mussed because you had to pull an old tshirt off over it, and you don't want a button up in your classy getting ready photos! We make really comfy, really classy, really affordable bridesmaids robes for you and your girls to wear while you're prepping for the biggest, best day of your life and they double as perfect bridesmaid gifts. Shop a variety of colors and styles at


kadlee robes bridesmaid gifts silk robes


Are there any details you would add to this list? Which one would you have forgotten if we hadn't reminded you? Let us know in the comments, or follow us on social media for more helpful bridal articles! 

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