20 Thoughtful Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Your Fiancé

January 30, 2019

20 Thoughtful Valentine's Day
Gift Ideas For Your Fiancé

Here's some inspiration for a tender yet practical present he'll love that will make him even more excited to tie the knot!


February 14th is in less than two weeks! If you've been busy with wedding planning, you probably haven't had much time to devote to searching for the perfect Valentine's Day gift, and guys can be notoriously tricky to buy for. Why can't they be as giddy about chocolates and flowers as we are?! But don't worry - we've got you covered. Remember, this is probably the only time you'll celebrate this day together as an engaged couple (!!!), so it has to be really special! 


We have two general ideas to start that you may not have thought of, and then we'll show you some specific, guy-approved items that we think make great gifts!

#1 – Wedding "Upgrade"

This one is our personal favorite, which is why we listed it first. If there's a wedding detail that your honey had to forgo due to budget or practicality, change it now and surprise him by telling them on V-Day. His good friend in another state couldn't afford to come? Buy him a plane ticket. Was there something you saw him eyeing in the store that neither of you put on the registry? Find that. Did he opt to rent a tux? He won't expect you getting him one, but we guarantee he'll be touched! 


#2 – Wedding Wear

Many brides opt to give a gift like an expensive watch on the wedding day, but we like the sentimentality of presenting that piece, elegant shoes, a special tie/collection of ties, or handsome socks before the wedding, so he can look forward to wearing it and it can be associated with this memory! 


#3 – Watch Box

Even if you don't get him a watch, just having a nice place to put his watches is useful and tasteful! You can find one that fits your budget - we love this rustic-looking one off of Etsy, but there are a variety of styles available at multiple stores to fit your guy's personality! Bonus: get it engraved with his name. 



 #4 – Engraved  Leather & Wood Watch

We stumbled upon this one, also on Etsy, and we are kind of obsessed. It's simple, but the words have us reaching for the handkerchiefs...if you do want to give him a watch on your wedding day, you could give him this one as a kind of romantic keepsake and then surprise him with one that is more practical or elite on the big day! 


#5 – Personalized Collar Stays 

Every girl loves a sharp-dressed man. If your future forever guy has an office job or if he just likes to dress nice when you go out, get him these classy little love notes he can take with him wherever he goes! 


#5 – Etip Gloves

If you're getting married in winter, honeymooning somewhere snowy, or living in a cold city, protect those hands you'll be holding forever with these attractive and functional Etip gloves from The North Face! They're touchscreen compatible, and comfortable besides. It's a unique twist on a classic gift that is also really practical! Bonus: if he's a runner, let him know these gloves were designed with runners in mind! 


#6 – Leather Bedside Charging Station / Watch Wood Stand 

Give him a manly, sophisticated place to put his watches, pens, phone, keys, wallet, and change before he hops in bed with you each night! We particularly love the valet and stand from Personal Creations. Bonus: customize it with his initials or monogram!



#7 – Comfy Slippers

Does he hate being barefoot on your cold tile floors? Ensure he's cozy when he gets home from work and wants to kick back and relax with these sheepskin slippers from L.L.Bean. We're comfortable just looking at them. 

#8 – Bluetooth Wood Speaker

Personal Creations has another one we like - a very manly-looking wooden bluetooth speaker that is elegant with high quality sound. Your music man would love to blast this in the garage, at home, or in his office at work!


#9 – Edible Bouquet

Make him laugh and then smile with this funny & delicious gender bending twist from ManlyManCo. Bacon roses? Need we say more? The packaging is stylish, the presentation is hilarious, and the item itself is really tasty. 


#10 – Shaving Kit Travel Bag

That honeymoon is approaching - give your groom a durable way to carry his grooming accessories to your exotic getaway! We love this one from Aha Life. Fill it with his go-to shaving products (if you don't know what they are, secretly check or have his best friend/roommate do a little digging for you)!



#11 – Flannel Herbal Neck & Back Wrap


These cozy aromatherapy wraps are perfect for your favorite lumberjack (aka our affectionate nickname for all our flannel-wearing sweethearts)! If he's been having a hard time at work, is stressed about any wedding planning, or his neck/back has been giving him some pain, offer him a massage and then gift him this unique solution that contains anti-inflammatory herbs to soothe sore muscles!

#12 – Scented Candle

Now, normally, we wouldn't encourage candles for guys as presents. They don't hold the same amount of inherent worth that they do for us ladies, but guys do like their room/house/office to smell good, especially if the scent is neutral or manly (no peach blossom, please). Try a woodsy, tobacco, or bonfire smelling candle, and perhaps pair it with a new lighter. 


#13 – Backyard Bar Beverage Tub

If he's into beer and barbecue, get him this metal backyard accessory and customize it with your new last name and wedding date! This is a really fun and practical present that will be enjoyed by more than just your soon-to-be hubby! 


#14 – Minipresso Portable Espresso Machine

Is your fiancé an espresso aficionado? This device  allows him to grind his own beans on the go; he can use any variety of coffee roast and doesn't need to rely on electricity for his morning fix. It's small, so he can bring it with him anywhere, and it just looks cool!


#15 – Indoor Putting Green 

If you're going to have a basement in your new home together, or if he has an office where this could fit, give him an opportunity to let off a little steam and practice his swing! It's an unusual gift, but it shows you can think outside the box! *Note: if he doesn't like golf, though, this won't be enthusiastically received. Tailor the present to your specific man!



#16 – Long Distance Lamps

Are you engaged and living in different places? We sympathize - long distance engagements can seem to last forever - but this is one of the best gifts we've seen and will let your future spouse know you miss them and can't wait for no more goodbyes. This is also a great gift for military couples! If one partner touches the lamp, the other will light up, no matter how many miles separate you. Uncommon Goods will help you feel closer together! 

#17 – Record Display

If he's into music and loves vinyl, or even if he doesn't actually have a record player but you know his favorite band/album, get him a record and a stylish way to hang it up on the wall! Or maybe it's an album that means something to both of you - either way, this is not your cliché present; it is a nifty little decoration that can add character to your home or his office!


#18 – This Guitar Pick

The smallest, most precious giftwe can think of. If he plays guitar, this is a perfect present! Engrave it with your wedding date or the date he proposed. 


#19 – Star Map

He's your whole universe, right? While you can't actually buy a star, you can buy a star map, a Night Sky decorative gift (we can personally certify these are lovely). It's a map of the stars charted around a location and date that you pick (your first kiss, when he proposed, etc.). You can personalize it with names and a message, and hang it up in your new home! 


#20 – Letter Box

If words of affirmation is his love language, write him letters detailing how much you love him, your favorite character traits he possesses, why you fell in love with him, why you're excited to marry him, your favorite memories with him, how he's made you a better person, etc. Put them in a keepsake box that he'll treasure!


 What were your favorites on this list? Do you have any other ideas that have worked for you in the past? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments! And if you need a gift for your bridesmaids for your upcoming nupitals, shop bridal robes, jewelry, koozies, tank tops, tote bags, and more at! 




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