Three Places to Find Unique Men's Wedding Rings

March 26, 2019

Three Places to Find Unique Men's Wedding Rings

These sellers have a variety of distinctive rings ranging from elegant to edgy...get one your fiancé will really enjoy wearing for the rest of forever!


Okay ladies, you've got your dream engagement ring, and now it's time to find a band for your man. This part of the wedding planning process is almost treated like an afterthought, but since it's something he'll be wearing for his entire life, it's a really big deal! It's also quite exciting...guys don't get to hog the fun of ring shopping all to themselves, as we found out. (You definitely should shop for this together, but we just wanted to share some of our favorite ideas with you so you can pass them on!) 

2019 is not disappointing us withproviding even more choices for male wedding bands. And while you may want to window shop to get an idea of what he likes, shopping online can expand your options and help you save money. 

A few things to keep in mind: 

  • Most guys haven't worn jewelry, like, ever, and may have a hard time getting used to the new addition to their left hand. So comfort is key, and should be one of the most important factors when selecting his ring. If you're ordering online, read the reviews, specifically looking for ones related to the comfort level wearers experienced. Also research the return policy to see if there is a way to return the ring in case he doesn't like the way it feels. 
  • Traditionally, you are the one paying for his ring (or your family is) so keep that in mind when comparing prices! However, he probably spent way more on your ring (as he should) and again, because he'll be wearing this forever, you don't want to be cheap. 
  • Material plays a big factor in durability and comfort. While you may be familiar with the 4 C's, terms like tungsten carbide and platinum may be completely out of your comfort zone, so do your homework and make sure you know what you can expect from each material! Width is another thing to keep in mind when shopping; it can completely alter the appearance of the ring. 
  • You may want your bands to match, or you may not care, but you probably don't want them to clash!

Now that you are ready to start actively looking for the perfect ring for him, here are a few sites we think could be really helpful! 

#1 – Manly Bands

We cannot say enough about this site. First of all, you will find nothing but good reviews online, which is rare for any jeweler. They have a 30 day return/exchange policy, and lifetime warranties available. 
Our favorite thing about Manly Bands is the sheer amount of rings they have (on a really user-friendly, sweeeeet website, we might add). They have 8 collections, 16+ materials, and 200 made-to-order options. The rings all have really cool names (like, "The Aspen", "The Everyman", "The Architect", etc.) and the designs stand out. The prices are super affordable. You can also order a customized ring! 
They make videos about every single one of their rings and include a picture of someone wearing it, so you can actually see what each ring truly looks like. They also tell guys how to find their size. If you are curious about the material, they have a detailed page telling you everything you need to know about what the ring is made of. 


#2 – Jordan Jack

Jordan Jack is another jeweler with a website full of personality and intrigue. What makes them special is their "Home Try On" feature, which we think is a great idea - you order 5 rings, and they send them to you to try on in the comfort of your own home. That way your man can actually see and feel the ring, try it on, get a better idea about his size, and decide what he wants. 
They also have really high customer satisfaction ratings. Jordan Jack has seven different materials and 71 rings for him to choose from. 

#3 – Thorsten Rings

Thorsten Rings are There's really no other word for it. They have the most individualized rings we've ever seen; their tagline is "Bold. Unique. Modern." and we couldn't agree more. If your guy likes to be noticed, this is the place he should find his ring.
Thorsten offers free lifetime warranties and has a 45 day return policy. They have three different materials and over 18 style categories to choose from, as well as five different finishes! (Bonus - they also have bands for women, so you could match!)
What's the coolest men's ring you've seen? Do you have any questions about shopping for your guy? Let us know in the comments! And when you have your man covered, shop bridesmaids' gifts for your ladies at!


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