The Right Wedding Hairstyle For Your Wedding Dress Neckline

July 11, 2019

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The Right Wedding Hairstyle For Your Wedding Dress Neckline

Here's a guide to matching your dream hairstyle to your dream gown!


Maybe you've always known exactly how you wanted your hair to look on your big day, but if you're like most women, you had a clearer idea of what you wanted your dress to look like, and started planning that first. The hairstyle isn't necessarily an afterthought, but it isn't up there on the priority list until after you've found a dress and decided on most of the other details.

If you're just now realizing that your wedding is fast approaching and you still don't really know what you want to do with your hair, we're here to give you some inspiration!


There are several factors that come into play when choosing a wedding hairstyle (the feel and theme of your wedding, the texture and length of your hair) but none are so important as the neckline of your dress.


Some hairstyles just don't work with certain necklines. You can always consult your stylist to give you a few tips, but it's best to get ideas for what's going to work and what's not before you get too attached to a certain hairstyle you've imagined! 

You'll have flexibility with many necklines, and we won't cover every single dress type, but here are some general guidelines you should follow:



If your dress is strapless....

You don't really need to stress out! Pretty much every hairstyle goes with strapless dresses and a sweetheart neckline. If you want to wear your hair down, you can choose soft waves, half-up/half-down, a boho braided look, any kind of bun.....the sky is really the limit!

Just remember that if you do wear your hair up with a strapless wedding dress, you'll have all of your skin on your shoulders exposed. This could make some brides feel more insecure, and you want to be confident when you're rocking those wedding pictures, so be sure to find a hairstyle that's going to make you comfortable!


boho messy bun wedding hairstyle

beautiful side braid wedding hairstyles

strapless wedding dress hairstyles


If your dress is a one-shoulder...

Make a statement! Your hair should show off your shoulder, not cover it. This kind of dress works best with an updo - a low side bun, a sleek ballerina bun, etc., although we've seen several brides leave their hair down in the back and pull it off. Certain dresses may also look beautiful with a textured side-swept ponytail. You should realize that the natural asymmetry created by the shoulder strap leaves an opportunity for you to push your hair to the other side as well, balancing the overall look instead of just centering your 'do. 


wedding dress on shoulder neckline high flower crown updo

one shoulder wedding dress hairstyles


If your dress has a high neckline...

The kind of high neckline determines the hairstyle. If you have a halter top, it's generally most flattering to accentuate it with any kind of bun (ala Meghan Markle), but soft waves go with it as well! If you have a bateau neckline, you can pair it with a bun as well (try braided!), or you can release your hair in its full glory behind you. The one thing we haven't seen a ton of with high necklines is side-swept 'dos. We HAVE seen many high ponytails with this look that we love, it's unique but it works!


bateau wedding dress braided bun hairstyle

soft loose curls wedding hairstyles high neckline

halter wedding dress

high ponytail wedding dress hairstyles


If your dress has an open back...

Don't hide it. It's designed to be seen! You can wear your hair to the side, either with a side ponytail or side-swept waves. You can also style a low bun, chic bun, messy bun, etc. 


open back wedding dress messy bun wedding hairstyle

open back romantic wedding dress


If your dress is a V-neck...

You have options! Many brides opt for some sort of side-do: a side-swept ponytail, a side bun, a side braid. You can also wear your hair half-up/half-down, or put it in a messy bun for a boho effect. This is probably the trickiest neckline to work with, though, because V-necks vary so much from dress to might take some trial and error to find a hairstyle you like on you that fits your V-neck gown. 


milkmaid bun vneck wedding dress hairstyles

v neck wedding dress hairtsyles

vneck wedding dress hairstyles



If your dress has an off-the-shoulder neckline...

Think romantic, think soft, think flowy. If you have an off the shoulder dress, the most flattering hairstyle is definitely going to be all down, with curls, and accessories if you choose! Side-swept looks show off the dress and frame your face fantastically. Buns and ponytails don't have quite the same effect with these gowns as they do with the other styles, although we have seen several that work if there is thicker fabric on the sleeves. 


off the shoulder wedding dress hairstyles

off the shoulder wedding dress hairstyles


See a hairstyle you love? What other questions do you have about wedding dress necklines and hairstyles? Let us know in the comments, or tag a friend getting married soon! Don't forget to check out bridal robes - that match with any hairstyle - on

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