Classy "Something Blue" Ideas We Love

July 03, 2019

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Classy "Something Blue" Ideas We Love

Inspiration for what you could use as the perfect colorful touch to complete your wedding day! 


Most brides consider what their "something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue" accessories will be without really knowing anything about why they have to have them in the first place! The categories come from a old rhyme that listed items that would supposedly bring good luck to the bride if she carried them with her on her wedding day.Today, though, it's more of a sweet tradition (and you definitely don't have to carry all of it with you - you want to make it down the aisle quickly, of course!). 


While your something old & something borrowed will likely be given to you by your parents, his parents, or either set of grandparents, and your something new could be almost anything (including your wedding dress or a gift that you and your soon-to-be husband exchange right before the ceremony), your something blue is an accessory that you will probably arrange yourself beforehand, to make sure you have it! According to tradition, the color blue stands for purity, love, and fidelity. Many brides actually used to get married in blue dresses ("marry in blue, lover be true"), but as that custom changed with Queen Victoria, there are other creative ways to incorporate the beautiful color in your big day. 


If your wedding theme colors are blue, this is easy (your bridesmaids are already wearing it!), and we'll list some ideas for you below. If your engagement ring is a blue gem (like a sapphire or aquamarine), again, this is easy - you already have it on you! Here are some of the best, not so obvious ideas we've found for including blue in your wedding (items marked with an asterisk only really work if your theme is blue!) 


****A reminder to the bride that there are so many shades of blue - that's why so many people love the color! We picked a few different shades (we're partial to that dusty blue), but if you love navy or royal, just remember that you can incorporate that shade in any of these accessories!



Blue Shoes

Your shoes are mostly hidden beneath your dress, and just think how beautiful they will be in the detail shots if they have a pop of color - especially if they're a soft light blue that will fit perfectly with all of the bridal white. If you want a spunkier option, go for tennis shoes with blue satin laces, or blue converse sneakers! 

blue bridal shoes

blue bridal sneakers

Blue on Shoes

If you don't really want all of your shoe to be blue, there are a few other options! One really cute idea we saw was having bridesmaids right sweet messages, Bible verses, encouragements, favorite memories, and well-wishes on the bottom of your shoes in blue marker! Bonus: If you're a Toy Story/Disney/Pixar fan, you could write your new husband's name on the bottom of your shoe (how sweet would that be!) You could also get shoes with a blue velvet interior or blue bottom sole! 

blue handwriting on bridal shoes

blue bridal shoes

Blue Blooms in Your Bouquet*

Blue flowers are so classy and different, and we love the idea of having an all blue bouquet or including blue sprigs in your bouquet! If your wedding is a clashing shade, this can be difficult, but it's still possible - consult your florist to see what they recommend! You can also include a beautiful blue charm on the handle of your bouquet, or a blue sash - either of those are elegant details that could go with most wedding color palettes! 

blue charm on bridal bouquet

blue bridal bouquet


Blue Garter

This was the original something blue, the most popular item probably still today - and if you are doing a garter toss, or even if not, it could definitely be your something blue! 

light blue garter

Blue Cake/Cake Topper*

Blue wedding cakes are completely stunning! Unless you have a really dark, moddy wedding scheme, this could always function as the bride OR groom's cake, or you could just have a wedding topper with blue in it to satisfy the "something blue" requirement! 

blue wedding cake

blue wedding cake

dark blue ombre wedding cake

Blue Manicure 

If you want your blue to be extremely understated, blue nails are our favorite option! They just scream "bridal", and you can accent them however you see fit. They will definitely be shown off in the closeup macro shots of your ring, but if you do them light enough, it won't really show in many of the other photos. Of course, if you WANT to go bold, you can always use a navy or royal shade! Check out Brides' guide to some shades you may want to use. 

blue wedding mani

Blue Hair Accessories

Don't mind us, we're just swooning over here and trying not to cry happy tears from how beautiful this idea is. Pin your hair up with Swarkovski bobby pins or this pin, or ask your stylist for suggestions! You could also totally wear a blue flower crown, if your wedding is more rustic-themed than princess. 

blue bridal hairpin
Blue Clutch

You need something to carry your lipstick in! It's such an elegant accessory, and you can find some really gorgeous blue ones online! 

blue lace bridal clutch
Blue Napkins/Reception Decor*

Okay, this one really only works if your color scheme includes blue or is neutral (this would be seriously out of place at a burgundy wedding, for example). But blue tablecloths instead of white, and blue candles or napkins or even seating cards? GENIUS, and so unique, and makes for absolutely perfect photographs. 

blue reception decor

Blue Getaway Car

Meghan Markle and Harry gave us this idea. And we're stealing it. (We may not be royals, but we can sure use them as inspiration.)

blue getaway car

blue bug getaway car


Blue Ring Bearer Pillow or Signs

Let the boys carry the blue for you! Your photographer will seriously appreciate having something so beautiful to photograph the rings with, and it'll be a keepsake you can showcase in your future home!

blue ringbearer pillow
Blue Flower Girl Dresses*

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Enough said. 

Blue Bowtie for Dad

You'll always be a Daddy's girl, and him wearing your something blue would be an incredibly meaningful way to incorporate this detail into your wedding! 

dark blue bowtie
Blue Ceremony Backdrop Details*

If you want to prominently feature blue in your wedding, use it somewhere in your ceremony backdrop! All of the pictures will capture your something blue, and it's just plain pretty. You can do blue flowers on the cross, blue tulle on the arch, or a myriad of other small touches! 


wedding cross with blue flowers

blue wedding backdrop

Blue Necklace/Earrings

Sapphire earrings and necklaces are subtle enough not to overpower your look and striking enough to make everyone sigh at your beauty. It's a yes from us. 

blue sapphire wedding earrings

Blue Handkerchief 

This detail can be an incredibly personal one - if you're a crier, this is a must, and a great way to include your blue! 

blue handkerchief for bride
Blue Bridesmaids' Robes

One of our personal favorites - a set of beautiful blue bridal/bridesmaids' robes to wear while you're getting ready! They're silky, classy, comfortable, high quality, customizable, and perfect for the morning "before" shots. We have so many different shades - Tiffany, navy, royal, mint, etc. Check out to find more blue robes! 

blue navy silk robes


 What's your favorite something blue idea? Are there any that we missed? We'd love to hear from you in the comments or on our social media! <3



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