Our 6 Favorite Engagement Ring Selfie Poses

February 06, 2019

Our 6 Favorite Engagement Ring Selfie Poses

Ideas for how to post that perfect announcement shot your feed has been waiting for your whole life 


Your dreamboat just proposed with a gorgeous, sparkly piece of bling. Maybe you knew exactly what you were getting, maybe it was a surprise, but either way you are thrilled with the rock he chose. You can't stop looking at it and you just want the whole world to know how pretty it is. And while we IMPLORE you to tell important family members and friends before you post your happy news on social media (seriously one of the most awkward and common mistakes we've seen, please don't make it), we understand the longing to share immediately.


We also realize, with Instagram and the wedding industry being what it is, that there are high standards and a lot of pressure behind that first #engaged selfie. You only get to announce it once! 


Obviously, you'll have engagement photos done, and those will be beautiful shots you'll post so many of your friends will probably be annoyed, but the ring selfie - that usually has to be done on an iphone. (Make sure for any shot you have good natural lighting, pretty nails, and portrait mode if you have it!) 


There's many ways to take this iconic photo - no way is wrong as long as you love it! 

We've put together a list of our 5 favorite ring selfie poses with examples to give you some ideas! 

#1 – With the Fiancé in the Background

We like this one because it showcases the ring while including your love, and you can snap it quickly without too much effort! They can just stand and smile, be down on their knee, fistpumping, or jumping up and down, whatever you both like best. Just make sure they're the right distance away from the camera that the ring is the clearest part of the photograph!

 Photo credit: AuGrav, Martha Stewart Weddings, Australia Diamond Brokers



#2 – Selfie of a Selfie

This is one of the coolest & most creative ideas we've seen and we think more people should do this! Have someone (friend, family member, stranger on the beach where he proposed) take a picture of you two taking a selfie. It can be directly through the camera like shown below (if so, just make sure you're the one whose hand is on the phone and your ring is prominent!) or it can be from a side angle where you're just flashing your hand and both of you are grinning as he snaps the selfie. Either is adorable! 

 Photo credit: Easy Weddings

#3 – Holding Hands

What's sweeter? Nothing. You're going to be holding hands for the rest of your lives and something about capturing the simple intimacy of that while including your ring is precious to us! 

 Photo credit: Boundless, Easy Weddings, Shutterstock

#4 – Kissing 

Keep it PG, but a kiss is a super cute way to announce your engagement! A variation on this is to flip the ring the wrong way around on your hand as if to ward off the camera, or even cupping your hand around your faces to "hide" the kiss behind the ring. 

 Photo credit: Forever Bride


#5 – Adventure With Me 

Where he'll lead, you'll follow, and vice versa. Soooo romantic (and a neat angle besides!) 

  Photo credit: The KnotGardens of the Sun, Brides


#6 – Flowers 

While we don't actually get to see your faces, this is a sigh worthy shot. You get to capture your ring in its full, glittering, ethereal glory! 

 Photo credit: Belle The Magazine

What's your favorite selfie pose? Have you seen one we didn't include that you love? Let us know in the comments, and shop matching getting-ready satin bridal robes for the even more important pictures and getting ready selfies at!


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