How To Plan the Perfect Bachelorette Party

January 05, 2019

How To Plan the Perfect Bachelorette Party

5 must-dos to ensure that the bride-to-be is given a celebration she will never forget 

Bachelorette parties are the last hurrah.


It's the bride's final true G.N.O. It's how we girls bid farewell to singleness in style. It's the party before THE party. So - there's a lot riding on this event. It HAS to be good.


And if you've been searching for this article, it's likely you're a maid of honor who may be feeling a little overwhelmed by that pressure. We TOTALLY get it, and we're here to calm you down and give you some help! 


First, some reassurance: the bride picked YOU to plan this soirée. She loves you, (you're one of her best friends if not THE best) and she trusted you with this. She has faith in your abilities! That should boost your confidence.


Second, bachelorette parties almost have a built-in fun element. Sure, you don't want to settle for anything less than the best bachelorette party ever, which is why we're going to tell you how to throw it! But at the end of the day, being together with her closest gal pals is what the bride is going to treasure. Girl talk and laughter will be had no matter where you are, so you can take a breath! 


Now, we don't know where you live, what time of year the party will happen, or what your bride is like. Specifics are going to be up to you, but we've compiled a list of ten things that anyone planning a bachelorette party should keep in mind! 


#1 – Consult the Bride: It's ALL About Her

This should be obvious, but never say we didn't explicitly remind you of this. This is not about what you think will be fun, or what anyone else invited likes or dislikes. There is ONE person that matters here, and that is the one who will be wearing white on the big day! So be sure that you plan every single detail with her happiness in mind. 

Some aspects of the party should be a surprise, absolutely! But it is 100% encouraged to consult the bride on a few key matters. Would she prefer a single  night event or an all-weekend getaway? Does she prefer a fancy evening or a wild night out? Would she be comfortable with certain things (like strippers and copious amounts of alcohol) that are typical, or would that make it not fun for her? Does she want to actively participate in many activities, or would she rather just have a spa day and finish with rom coms? What does SHE envision? That's the most important thing to get right - you want a bachelorette party that will make her say "Yes, that was exactly what I wanted!" (or, "even more fun than what I was expecting!") Make it personal to her. 

#2– Budget Smart 

This is one of the biggest ticket items of a wedding, but the issue is that this cost is put on the people attending the party, which means that you need to handle expenses carefully! 

First of all, you should definitely reach out to the invitees and arrange costs BEFOREHAND. This is considerate as it allows your guests to know exactly what to expect so they can plan ahead and also helps you avoid the awkward emails and texts asking for payment afterwards, Venmo headache of sorting out dinner and Uber bills, and the possibility of having to take on the cost personally if someone doesn't cooperate. (If there's money left over, you can always return it to the guests). Just be clear about what is and isn't covered, how the guests will pay (cash?), and who will cover the bride's portion. Be prepared for the likely possibility that a few people may decline due to cost, and that's okay - the bride will understand! 

Consider finding low cost activities to do so that everyone can participate without guilt and still have a good time! 


#3 – Plan Ahead

Bachelorette parties typically happen within a month of the wedding. If it is going to be before, that's okay, but the month timeframe allows for maximum excitement. However, you need to send out invitations to this shindig, make reservations, and possibly book hotels or plane tickets. Especially if anyone is coming from out of town, this requires your guests to know what day/weekend to reserve, and you need to know who is coming, so the earlier you plan, the better! Consider sending out invitations about a month prior to the party. You don't need to do anything as formal as wedding invites, though - make them fun and keep them simple! 


#4– Don't Forget the Details 

These are the things that slip away, but these are the things that can make this night so special! Are you going to do a photobooth and make a hashtag for social media? Do you want polaroid cameras and feather boas? Are you going to play games, like the popular one where everyone brings lingerie and the bride has to guess who gave it to her? What about incorporating the fiancé in some hilarious or sweet way, like a recorded video message, a question game, or a giant head you carry around all night? Is there a dress code or theme? You can consult the bride on these things and make some a surprise, but putting a ton of thought into the details is what is going to make or break this bachelorette. 


#5– Give Good Gifts

The guests paid a lot to participate, and little party favors go a long way! You're classy, and this is a classy thing to do. Give gifts as the party progresses or as a nice parting gesture! We recommend Kadlee products, because you can customize them, they're not costly, and they're sooooo comfortable. They also make for great photo ops! You can get pajamas, robes, slippers, tumblers (fill with water for that inevitable hangover), jewelry, and more! Shop now to find the perfect bachelorette finishers!


What are some fun bachelorette parties you've been to, and why were they so great? Tell us in the comments, and check out some other great party planning checklists we've found! 





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