Four Verified Wedding Trends of 2019

January 21, 2019

Four Verified Wedding Trends of 2019

Here's what's definitely causing some ripples in the wedding industry. 


Welcome to 2019 - the year following one of the most important years for weddings ever.


Some trends were set in motion, and we believe that they are just about to burst in full glory. If you are attending or planning a wedding this year, if you're a wedding planner or photographer, or maybe if you're just trying to keep up with the times, we thought you'd like to know!

But we didn't just want to rely on hearsay - after all, we're only 3 days into 2019. Who's to really say what will be trending? We did our research and came up with the most probable forecasts for what the wedding experience will be like in the year preceding the return of the roaring 20s, and out of the fog emerged 4 trends that we can say with confidence will be prevalent. 




#1 – Royal Wedding Inspired Flower Décor & Simple Dresses

(Photo via Kensington Royal's Twitter)

Ah, the romantic day that was the royal wedding. Approximately 1.9 billion people watched as Meghan Markle kissed Prince Harry in front of an arch of white and green blooms in an incredibly simple dress with clean lines and no embellishments. It was classic; it was influential.

If you take a look on Pinterest, you'll find that the most pinned dresses towards the end of 2018 were the all white, silhouette gowns (ala her reception piece) that leave all the frou-frou behind and put the focus on the bride. 

The floral trend is not to be brushed off, either. No one can forget those larger than life flower installations that were made so famous during their entrance and exit from the ceremony, and though it's too early to tell if the exact arch will be featured in the majority of 2019 weddings, florals will surely make their way in.


#2 – Scenting Your Wedding 

We're living in the age of the brand, and 2019 is expected to take this to new heights. Branding is nothing new, but personal branding has recently become an academic focus, and "branding your wedding" - though many people may not call it that or realize what they are actually doing - is slowly but surely becoming a must. 

It makes total sense when you think about it - Pinterest has taken away much of the uniqueness of weddings (we're not necessarily lamenting this, just pointing it out). Everyone wants that dream wedding they've been building in their board for years, but they got all of those ideas from other people, and millions of people have pinned the exact same image in their wedding board. The result of this is a paradox; everyone wants their weddings to look the same way, but they want it to feel different, because they don't like the idea that their big day won't be unique & special. So making your wedding "different" has become a priority,. 

Enter the candles: we're seeing more and more couples include their favorite scented candles at the reception, or even create custom scents. The Knotputs it well when they explain "Custom blends are being crafted especially for the occasion, spritzed on invites, pumped through the venue and even gifted in candle form as a party favor. Smell is the sense most closely linked to memory, so your guests will remember #thebestdayever when they light the wick."


#3 – Non-Photography Invitations

This one stems from the desire to brand the wedding as well - less couples are opting for traditional invitations, and we have good reason to suspect (based on late 2018 realities) that more invitations this year will be illustrated or entirely composed of typography. It makes it more personal, it's elegant, and it can go along with a created unifying theme of the whole wedding. 


#4 – Corals

This one may surprise you, but this is one we're positive of, and if you don't believe us, keep reading and then watch that Devil Wears Prada scene where Miranda Priestly explains cerulean to Andrea("You think this has nothing to do with you"). 

Pantone, the world's leading expert on color, has just announced it's "Color of the Year". This is a hotly anticipated decision; it affects everything from digital marketing and graphic design to cinematography, architecture, and commercial branding. But most importantly? Pantone's color guides the fashion industry, and will inevitably trickle down into the wedding industry. Expect to see traces of coral in jewelry, florals, and decorations, if not an all out domination of the color. 

*Bonus - we think this may lead to some nautical themes. But that's just a fun guess. 


What are your predictions? Any that we missed? Tell us in the comments, and shop Kadlee robes (always trending, regardless of the year) at



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