A Few Alternate Wedding Seating Ideas We Like

August 06, 2019

wedding reception seating

A Few Alternate Wedding Seating Ideas We Like!

        Looking to seat your guests in a creative way? Here's some inspiration!                                                                                                                                                                        
Traditionally, wedding guests are seated in rows during the ceremony, and at circular tables during the reception. But if your venue allows you to choose the seating arrangements, and you've never been much of a traditionalist (or maybe you've been to a big wedding where you were stuck in the back and couldn't hear anything and don't want the same for your guests), then this is a chance for you to insert a little more of your personal, whimsical style!
Keep in mind that you want your guests to enjoy the ceremony and be comfortable. We've seen some pretty interesting seating arrangements that just look awkward and uncomfortable to us, so we just recommend that whatever you choose, you think first about your guests! Everything else about your big day can be about you. But this should be more about them. 
{inspiration below}
We're on the fence about floor seating (on towels, rugs, picnic blankets, etc.). On the one hand, it's cute, and if you are sure to provide pillows, cushions, and THICK material, may not be uncomfortable. It arguably gives everyone a better vantage point to the ceremony. But our thought is that most people (unless you tell them in advance) are going to dress formally, so it will be harder and more uncomfortable for them to sit down. Just consider all of the pros and cons to this style!
blanket wedding seating
This is an interesting idea...better for intimate weddings, but we can still imagine it working for larger ceremonies, too. You get to walk past each guest on her walk down the aisle...could be awkward, and you won't be looking at your groom the whole time, but could also be an incredibly special way to make your guests feel more valued and make eye contact with most of your friends and family members. Also, most everyone (except for the people right behind you) can see you for the duration of the ceremony, and everyone will be able to hear you much more clearly. 
spiral wedding seating
This one's probably our favorite...sectioned seating? You can do this in threes or in a box shape, depending on your preference. But it creates a cozy, casual feel to the ceremony without going the traditional route of rows or pews. Just decide where you want to walk down the aisle - you may have to "create" a path. 
sectioned seating for weddings
We LOVE this idea for reception seating. Like one big family dinner. 
alternate wedding reception seating
The perfect, PERFECT, setup for a rustic wedding. Just make sure that you have them covered so your guests can sit comfortably without getting poked. 
hay bale wedding seating
Do you have any more ideas for us? We'd love to see other alternate seating arrangements or hear your vision for your big day! Talk to us in the comments!!

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