8 Ways to Save on Wedding Flowers

June 27, 2019

bohemian bridal bouquet

8 Ways to Save on Wedding Flowers

(Without DIY'ing)


Floral arrangements don't have to eat up your budget! Here are some tried-and-true ideas for keeping this cost - and your stress level - low!



Wedding flowers are one of the budget items that seem like a nuisance, even if you've always dreamt of a petal-infused big day. Most of them die or are thrown away a few days afterwards, anyway. They're a decoration, and they're necessary (every wedding can be unique, but most brides want flowers) but for something so temporary they're expensive. 

Depending on who you ask, the average couple in the United States spends about $1,500, and many spent upwards of $3,000. You may not have realized that flowers make up such a large chunk of your budget and are wondering what you have to sacrifice to have your wedding look pretty. Or maybe you're just practical, and don't want to spend that much on the look of the day, but you still don't want your wedding to be completely bare. And you know you don't want to do it're not very artsy, your MOH already has a million last minute things to do, and you just don't want the hassle. So how do you cut down on cost of florals? Here are 7 ways to do it! 



#1 - Stick to Seasonals

And shop local - those are sure ways to spend less. Flowers that are in-season are always going to be less expensive. Maybe you've always wanted lots of calla lilies, but if you're having a summer wedding, it'd be better to go with garden roses. Also, flowers imported from anywhere are going to be pricey, so hire a local florist that won't have to travel far - the blooms will be fresher, anyway! Some flowers are in-season all year round, and some flowers are in-season for more than one, so you may find online discrepancies when doing your research. We recommend consulting with your florist to see what flowers are going to be cheapest for your wedding date. You can visit the Knot's guide to flowers by season to get an initial idea, though! 

 pink wedding flowers


#2 - Go with Greenery 

Green, lush decor is totally on-trend right now, which is lucky for you because it's much cheaper than florals. They take up more space, and they're still really romantic and pretty. You can use leafy garlands, ferns in your bouquets, grasses and eucalyptus on the tables, twigs or branches for the reception, etc...and you can still add some flowers of course, if you'd like to brighten up the look, but your overall cost will decrease dramatically. 

moody winter wedding greenery candle centerpiece


#3 - Substitute Alternate Centerpieces

You definitely don't have to use flowers as your table centerpieces, which can be a huge part of the overall floral cost for a wedding. The most popular option is candles or floating single flowers, which we love. But there are so many options for exhibiting your classy side, or your fun side, or driving home your wedding theme - you have all the chances to be different! We've seen people use coral and conch shells, books, potted plants, velvet, feathers, big fruits (like pineapples), glass, buckets, branches, birdcages, balloons, photos (a personal favorite of ours), and more. Get creative! 

mason jars with photos as wedding centerpieces


#4 - Downsize/Upsize

Before you get confused, let us explain - the two extreme options are definitely opposites, but either can be good for your budget! If your venue is already beautiful and especially if it's decorated for a holiday (Christmas, New Year's), then you won't have to have extravagant decorations -  use smaller centerpieces and simpler bouquets. For instance, if the bridesmaids only carry one flower (or a flower-like ring/hoop, these are trending!), or if the centerpieces are just a few stems, then you'll save money. On the other hand, if you use bigger blooms, they'll take up more space and you'll also save money on flowers. 

bridesmaid hoop bouquet


#5 - Reuse 

Okay so it was worth clicking on this post just for this tidbit we're about to give you - there's a company called Bloomerent, which helps you share your flowers with another bride near you who's getting married at around the same time. The florists pick up the flowers at the end of one wedding and deliver it to the other bride the next day or day after. The first bride gets 10% off, and the second bride pays about half of the original cost. You're helping the environment AND saving money - a clear winner, in our opinion, if they have it in your state! 

Another option is to use your bridesmaids' bouquets as centerpieces; they don't use them after the photos are done, anyway, so bring them to the reception and don't order flowers for those tables!

bloomerant flower sharing reuse wedding flowers


#6 - Sacrifice Variety

When you ask for a ton of different flowers to be included in the arrangements, it's going to be more expensive, but when you ask for only one or two kinds, they can buy them in bulk, which can really be a game-changer when it comes to cost. Keep it simple! You don't really need all the ones you thought you wanted (think of all the extras you could get on your honeymoon with $1,500!). Pick your two favorites, mix it with greenery, and you'll be more than happy with the finished look. 

hydrangeas bridal bouquet


#7 - Skip the Ceremony

Don't like, not go, but don't use florals to decorate the scene behind you - the ceremony generally only lasts 15-20 minutes anyway, for most weddings, and then it's over! Spend the money on reception flowers and bouquets, if you really want a lot of flowers, but leave out the large flower accents for the ceremony. Instead, opt for drapes, a hanging arch, a normal arch, a wooden triangle or circle, a cross, or other equally beautiful options for your backdrop! 

drapes hanging arch wedding ceremony backdrop


#8 - Don't Use a Florist

This is SUCH a good way to not pay a high price and still get flowers you like! Instead of hiring a florist, shop retail. Use Costco, Publix, Sam's Club, or an online provider (do your research and make sure they have good reviews). You'll have less options for variety, but these flowers will often be so much less expensive and still arrive beautiful and fresh, and no one will ever suspect you got them from a grocery store! (This option might require a little DIY, we'll admit - you'll have to set everything up yourself or enlist a friend/bridesmaid to do it - but it's not to the point of using silk flowers or picking them yourself or even going to shop at a local farmer's market the day of). 


costco wedding flowers


Have questions about other ways to save on flowers? What are your favorite options? Want to share more ideas with us? Talk to us in the comments, or share this blog post on our social media with a friend who's getting married soon! Shop bridesmaids' gifts and more to match your floral decor at

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