5 Things You'll Really Want to Do the Morning of Your Wedding

May 29, 2019

5 Things You'll Really Want To Do The Morning Of Your Wedding

How to really make the most out of your last morning waking up as a single lady!


The morning of your wedding can be either the most fun morning ever or the most stressful morning ever, and what we really want to impress upon you with this blog post is that the choice is entirely up to you!

Sure, there's going to be a little bit of stress associated with getting ready for the biggest day of your whole life, but that should be kept to a minimum at all costs. You can't control everything that's not going to go according to plan (and hear us when we say that not every single detail you envisioned will be perfect, and that's okay!), but you can control your attitude and certain aspects of the morning that will make things much happier!

Really, this is precious time to soak it all in, and it shouldn't feel rushed or panicked. 

At Kadlee, the getting ready part is one of our favorites of the whole day. You and your bride tribe, your final girl sesh, the champagne, the anticipation, the sweetness of it all...ahhh. It's enough to make us giddy. Plus, our whole company started because we wanted to make the pre-wedding time the best it could be, so we have some great ideas for things you absolutely must do the morning of your wedding! 


#1- Wear Comfy, Cute Robes/PJs

You don't want to spend your morning fidgeting or not feeling cute. You need every ounce of calm that you can find, and you also want your pre-all dolled up photos to still be fun. The best way to do that is to get matching pajamas or silk/satin robes for you and your bridesmaids! Honestly, because we've seen it in action, we can verify that it changes the atmosphere of the whole room. The feel of the cool, soft material on everyone's skin makes everyone relax and feel special, and it also is easy to slip on and off so your hair and makeup don't get ruined by normal shirts or even button up shirts (which are just not aesthetically pleasing). 

Consider getting a unique one for you, and perhaps your maid of honor, and then getting the rest of your bridal party matching ones! These can also function as a great bridesmaid gift, and they don't have to break the bank, especially if they're Kadlee robes



#2- Listen to really good music

Music totally has the power to change your mood, and so we think silence is probably one of the worst things to entertain in the morning. Put on some loud music and have a dance party to get the blood flowing and release some nervous energy, or put on some soft background music that you like! Either way, it's sure to relax you significantly and also improve the mood of the room if things are a little stressful!



#3- Eat good food

We know you'll probably be too nervous to eat, but honestly, it's going to be such a long day until one wants a hangry bride, and you don't want your stomach growling during your vows! Plus, food just makes you happy - you can keep it light, but don't just go without eating or forget to! Order/cook brunch with your bridesmaids or have some snacks on hand. Also, hydrate or diedrate, as we say; make SURE you're drinking water, partly so you don't pass out and partly so you can tolerate more alcohol later. 



#4- Do something enjoyable or memorable 

We know from experience and from hearing it from so many brides...the wedding day, the one that you've spent so much time getting excited about and planning for and spending on, flies by before you can even realize it's almost over. It's a quick, busy, wonderful day, so take the time before all the craziness starts to do something to slow it down. Do yoga or have a spa morning with your bridesmaids, reminisce with them, write a letter to your family or to your soon to be spouse, record a video, take a walk in a pretty place, or journal your own thoughts down. Anything to truly realize what a special day it is and let yourself have some fun! 



#5- Have everything ready to go *night before

This one should happen the night before, but we're including it because it'll affect the morning of the wedding. You do NOT want to spend the last two hours of peace running around trying to find your shoes and garter and bobby pins and strapless bra, or packing for the honeymoon, or cleaning up the living room to make sure it isn't a mess for pictures. You can totally get a bridesmaid to assemble all of your stuff, if she knows where to find it, but even if you have to do it yourself, put it all in one place! It'll save you so much anxiety! Your photographer can come in and be able to photograph your dress and detail items without you going to pieces, and it'll help you not be late for pictures!


What are other things you think should be added to the list? Tell us in the comments! 


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