5 Major Beauty Mistakes Brides Frequently Make Leading Up To The Wedding (And How To Avoid Them)

October 01, 2019


beauty mistakes brides make before the wedding

5 Major Beauty Mistakes Brides Frequently Make Leading Up To The Wedding (And How To Avoid Them)

What NOT to do if you want to look and feel your best on the day when all eyes are on you


It kind of goes without saying that if there is any day where you really need to look and feel the prettiest you've ever felt, it's your wedding day. 

After all, it's arguably the most important day of your life. Everyone will be watching you, and you're paying thousands of dollars for high resolution, up-close photos of literally every detail. You may be fairly easy going when it comes to your beauty routine or made-up look, but the saying "look good, feel good" has actual scientific, psychological basis in fact, and you don't want to feel like anything short of the most beautiful princess in all the land on that day. 

But that doesn't just happen overnight! The proof is in the preparation, so if you are really committed to bridal beauty, there are some things you should do and some things you really shouldn't do when it comes to cultivating that blushing bride feel.

After doing our research, relying on our own experience, and consulting other brides, here are the top 5 beauty mistakes we see brides making and how to avoid them. 


#1 - Not prioritizing your health


Wedding planning feels like a second part time job sometimes. It can be super stressful because it's personal, there's a lot of importance associated with it, you have a lot of people you have to accommodate/manage/put up with, you're working on a timeline, it's expensive, and there's a relational factor with your partner. Stress WILL happen (and it's terrible for your skin). And you WILL be busy. For many brides (except for the few bridezillas out there, we guess) it's natural to let your health be the last priority, but it shouldn't be. 

Eat breakfast, and eat lots of fruits and veggies. Drink LOTS of water (like, more than you ever have before). If you're feeling overwhelmed, and maybe even if you aren't, schedule a night for just you - no wedding planning, no fiancé, no family, no friends - just you and a bubble bath. EXFOLIATE. Moisturize, daily. Give your hair a keratin treatment. Prioritize things like buying proper health care & beauty products, dentist and doctor and dermatologist appointments, etc. Exercise, often (this also has the added benefit of reducing stress). SLEEP, long and often (especially the week leading up to the wedding, if you can - the best makeup artist in the world can't make you look not tired, it'll show in your eyes).  

As a bride, you may feel like you have so much to be in charge of that you don't have time to be in charge of your health, but if you're super stressed and don't leave any time to take care of yourself, it's going to show on your wedding day. 


#2 - Changing things too close to the wedding


If you procrastinate on prioritizing your health & beauty, you might feel like you have to cram everything beauty-wise into the last three weeks before you get married. 


Can we storytime real quick - one time, one of our best friends shared the horror story of how she had never had a bikini wax so she did that like, four days before her wedding? And it was a little irritated, but not too bad - but then she went in a jacuzzi with her bridesmaids and got a MAJOR rash. Like, everywhere. Obviously that sent her into panic mode and then she had to jump through all sorts of dermatological hoops to fix it. And that's just one of the personal examples we could share. Google any other blog post about bridal beauty routine and you'll find many more stories much worse than that. 

Do not - do not - do not - change anything significant about your makeup, diet, exercise routine, skin, hair, or anything else within two months of your wedding date. It might be fine, but it also might really mess things up. 

Don't do any sort of facial chemical peels, because you don't know how your skin will react. If you're going to get waxed or have laser surgery, do that wayyy in advance of the big day - it will likely irritate your skin and hurt much worse the first time, and you don't want to be dealing with that the week of. Trying a new makeup, new birth control, or new diet should also be done months in advance, to give your body time to adjust and make sure there aren't any reactions or unforeseen negative impacts. 

If you're months out, get started! If you've missed the boat, it's okay. Really. Stick with your same facial products - they've always worked before - or consult your doctor and dermatologist to see what they recommend! 


#3 - Practicing extremes


Have you ever heard the (very true, we think) stereotype that you know a woman is going through a deep emotional crises when she does drastic things to her hair suddenly? Because of all of the bridal pressure we've talked about already, it's easy to get the urge to want to do really drastic things to match the brides you've seen in the magazines, or look like a completely different, prettier person. 

First off, though, while the wedding planning season can totally increase insecurities as well as stress, you are going to make a beautiful bride just the way you are, so long as you do your best to take care of your health, without much enhancement. We really maintain that beauty is an inner thing. We're not unrealistic - we get the need to look and feel your best on your big day and we've talked about that already - but we don't think that should involve you completely changing the way you look. 

Don't dye your hair some color it's never been before - try highlights or a partial balayage instead, if you really must. If you're pale, DO NOT spray tan yourself, seriously, so not worth it to be orange, your porcelain skin is gorgeous as is, okay? We're not opposed to you setting a weight loss goal, which we know is a thing for many brides....but don't do anything extreme that will hurt your health. It's important to feel good, and we get that. But again, you're gorgeous no matter your size, and you can get your dream dress tailored to fit your body! And perhaps the biggest no-no - don't choose a makeup look that's heavy and dark if you normally never wear makeup. You want to be beautiful, but you also want to be timeless and recognizable on your wedding day. A more natural look is perfectly acceptable and is probably preferable, depending on your venue, style, and usual makeup look. 

When you're making decisions about your beauty before your wedding, just think in moderation and you'll be just fine! 


#4 - Foregoing hair & makeup trials


If you wouldn't skip your wedding rehearsal, you shouldn't skip your hair and makeup trials. It's that simple, and that important....there are some wedding details that can be left for the last minute but this is not one of them. It'll be an additional cost; pay it.

You need to know what to expect, and a hair and makeup trial will give you a chance to really see what your professional artists can do. For one thing, if you don't like what they produce, you will be able to find another professional in time or give them feedback on what to tweak. You can learn whether or not you like the false eyelash look, if you need different eye shadow colors, etc. If you thought you liked your hair one way based on pictures, and then seeing it in person changes your mind, you need to know this so you have time to find and test out a different hairstyle. 


#5 -  Forgetting details                 


They say the devil is in the details, and "they" are absolutely correct! Details matter, and even though you might have "bride brain", forgetting them is a mistake. Make a list of all of the potential beauty details you may need to remember leading up to the big day, and delegate it to one of your bridesmaids or maid of honor - they can remind you!

Some details you might forget: 

  • If your makeup artist doesn't set your makeup, ensure you get setting spray and ask them to use it.
  • Pack a beauty emergency kit for the day of. Bobby pins, extra makeup like lip stain or gloss, stain remover, etc. And, for last minute zits that may appear, WeddingShoppeIncrecommends avoiding popping the zit, as it may make the area inflamed, but instead using Visine eye drops (take the redness out) and "Fast Fix for a Pimple" by Alba Botanica, a tinted cream that covers and removes breakouts. 
  • Get your nails and toenails done. May seem basic, but your hands are going to be photographed many times and you don't want chipped nails!
  • Give your bridesmaids some guidance. Make sure they all have a general idea of what is expected of them as far as hair and makeup go!
  • Don't wear a normal bra or panties while you're getting ready - it might leave red marks that can show if you have a backless or strapless dress! Instead, opt for a bridal robe (which is much more comfortable, anyway). 
What are other beauty mistakes you've seen brides make? Which one do you think you're most likely to make in your current season of wedding planning? Tell us what you think in the comments!


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