4 Secluded & Swoon-worthy Wedding Venues in South Florida

September 13, 2019

4 Secluded & Swoon-worthy Wedding Venues in South Florida

       If you want a peaceful place to start your forever, check these venues out!                                                                                                                                                                       
The venue is one of the first decisions you'll make when planning a wedding, and it's really the determining factor for every other decision you'll make along the way. The venue sets the tone for the entire day! It heavily influences what kind of dress you wear, what kind of decorations you have, and what kind of food you serve. It will become the scene of some of your most treasured memories. It's the backdrop of your "I do"s and the setting for all of your photographs. So the importance of the venue cannot be overstated*.                                                                                                                                                                                     
*(Well, maybe a little. Some brides overstate the importance of everything - keep in mind that the marriage is most important. Everything else is supporting details.)
And finding the right venue is really, really hard.                                                                                                                                                                                     

You have to consider availability, first of all, and budget, second of all, but you also have to consider what you want the feel of your wedding day to be like. It's a tough and consequential decision, and the process of locating a venue can be exhausting and frustrating - we get it, and we've been there! So we wanted to help you out. If you're getting married in the South Florida area, or even if you're willing to travel, here are 5 venues we've personally toured and personally loved.                                                                                                                                     

They all have one thing in common - a secluded feel. You feel like you are miles and miles away from the world, which is (we think) incredibly romantic, and special, and aesthetic - it's really nice to have plenty of space for photographs without other buildings/landmarks in the backgrounds! However, these venues are pricier - seclusion is something in high demand. But if it really matters to you, you can look to save in other areas! 


Bella Collina (Monteverde, FL) (Basically Orlando)

Ah, Bella. This venue may ruin you for other venues - fair warning. It's name means "beautiful hill", and it's not a misnomer. Bella Collina is a golf course that feels, truly, like an Italian villa. It's a little piece of Italy in Florida. And it's breathtaking! They offer several different locations for the ceremony and reception on the property, the scenic drive through a sprawling countryside is an experience for guests, the architecture is amazing....the wedding photos you can take here are just ridiculous. The whole thing screams grace and class. And it's so unique! Even though it is pricey ($16,000+), the wedding coordinators really work with you and your budget to try to get you the wedding you've always envisioned. Definitely worth checking out if it's in your price range. 

Photo cred: Nate Puhr & Kristin Weaver


bella collina nate puhr photography

bella collina kristen weaver

bella collina vangie's events


Stonebridge (Dade City,FL)

A classically gorgeous venue, Stonebridge boasts two venues; The Lange Farm, for a more rustic barn feel, and the Garden House, for an elegant, plantation-style feel (we personally are obsessed with the Garden House). The property itself  is the most tranquil acreage - it just feels like you're the only ones for miles, and the trees around the venue are majestic. Again, you pay for the peacefulness - rates start at about $8,0000 - but if this is within your budget, and if you really love the idea of a country wedding, this is your place. 

Photo cred: Stonebridge Wedding & Events


stonebridge wedding venue

stonebridge garden house wedding

stonebridge weddings


The Secret Garden at Paradise Springs (Lithia, FL) 

If you're looking for a backyard wedding but you don't have a nice backyard, this is your venue. (Think cool and casual, but still romantic, and super secluded.) It's basically a giant, very aesthetically appealing house, with a pool, a brick courtyard, a BEAUTIFUL ceremony forest hideaway, and a big white tent. You do everything yourself - you kind of just rent the place for the weekend, so people (like bridal party or out-of-town guests) can stay there, too, and hire your own vendors, set up yourself, etc. Last time we checked it was about $6,000, so slightly more affordable, but still up there in price (but you do get it for multiple days). 

Photo cred: Paradise Springs Weddings


paradise spring wedding

paradise spring wedding

paradise spring wedding


Legacy Lane Farms (Brooksville, FL)

Have we saved the best for last? Maybe. (Hint, hint)

No, it's impossible to pick a "best" when it comes to wedding venues because there are so many factors and every bride's/couple's/family's vision for the big day is different! But there is just something about Legacy Lane Farms that's special. The venue is HUGE - it's the largest property of our four top picks. It contains a mansion and two other spacious, furnished, modern houses that function as AirBnB's - 30 guests can spend the entire weekend there! There's a treehouse. A pool. A basketball court. Two simply beautiful ceremony sites, and one reception site that just feels like the warmest, most magical place in the world to celebrate love. They take care of the decorating, and really work with you to make it the best day! While it is close to $10,000, with everything that's included, it's a steal. It's a gem! 


legacy lane farm wedding

legacy lane farms

legacy lane weddings


Which wedding venue is your favorite? Are there any secluded ones we missed? Let us know in the comments! And check out for all of your bridesmaids' gifts needs!

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