4 Perfect Color Pallettes For Your Spring/Summer Wedding

February 13, 2020

wedding color pallette inspiration

4 Perfect Color Palettes For Your Spring/Summer Wedding

Here are our four favorite color themes for 2020 spring or summer weddings and our favorite Kadlee robes to match with each!



#1 - Soft Yellow, Marigold/Peach, Dusty Green, and Gray or Silver 

We hardly ever see this trend at real weddings, but we're unsure why - it's sweet, cheerful, and can be completely beautiful when you match your colors correctly. For the boho, free-spirited bride that doesn't like the moodier tones, this one's for you!

Note that we're not talking garish yellow here. Stay away from the mustards (at least in the spring - we champion them in fall) or the too-in-your-face lemons and canarys and sunflower yellows, although you can totally incorporate sunflowers if you wish. Keep it soft, for the best effect. Involve lots of baby's breath. Complement your bouquets with some blue forget-me-nots, which make a nice touch. And don't do everything yellow. You have three other colors to work with! 

PS - get our gray silk robes to make for the best bridesmaids' gifts and getting ready pictures with your yellow accents! 


yellow wedding pallette ideas


#2 - Blush Pink, Navy, and Rose Gold

This is an interesting wedding palette because it's used often, but it really is such a classic feel - it doesn't get old no matter how many times we see it or how popular it gets. It's a super romantic color scheme. For the Cinderella bride who wants that fairytale wedding she's dreamed about since she was little, this one's for you!

The blush pink screams "spring", and makes for some really lovely airy photographs. And the navy tends to complement the groomsmen amazingly well! Add rose gold accents to make the occasion even more elegant, especially during the reception, but keep those accents minor - the focus is on the main two colors. 


blush pink and navy wedding


PS - get our blush pink silk or navy silk robes (two of our most popular!) to make for cute before and after pictures with your bride tribe! Both robes will help you feel like a princess even before you put on your dress. 


#3 - White, Sage Green, and Wood

Only the bride is supposed to wear white at a wedding...except for if this is the color palette. Chic, simple, and untraditional, having your bridesmaids wear white can make a statement on your wedding day that makes for unforgettable decorations and a wedding feel your guests probably haven't experienced before. For the minimalist bride who loves nature, this one's for you! (And by the way, if you want minimalist prices on bridesmaids robes for this palette, view our all-white robecollections!)

The key to achieving this look is to absolutely throw away any colors except for white, green, and wood (metal is okay, as well). If you use other colors, do so with extreme caution; the more you use them and the more of them you use, you'll deviate from the simplicity of the white and green. Also, having mismatching bridesmaids dress styles is preferable with this palette - so long as they're the same white! Throw in some lace to hint at a boho feel. 



minimalist boho wedding


#4 - Dusty Blue Floral, Silver, Gold, Light Pink, and Green

For spring or summer weddings, having your bridesmaids wear floral dresses can add a unique, sort of old-fashioned fashionable element to your day. We think of either southern plantation or wine country when we see this dusty blue floral palette. If you're a bride who didn't dream of the over-the-top wedding, just the polite and pretty one, this is for you. 

The key to this palette is the bridesmaids dresses. The rest of the wedding can follow a normal dusty blue scheme as long as flowers are the prominent idea; incorporate glass, crystal, gold candles, mirrors....pinks are totally allowed so long as they're light! 

Consider our spa blue lace trimrobe or any of the robes from our floral collection to complete the look! 


dusty blue wedding


What's your favorite palette? Do you have a favorite Kadlee robe to match? Tell us in the comments! 


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