3 Wedding Photobooth Backdrop Ideas You Haven't Seen At Every Other Wedding

September 20, 2019

3 Wedding Photobooth Ideas You Haven't Seen At Every Other Wedding

Let's have some originality, shall we?


A photobooth for guests at your wedding isn't a requirement, but it is a really cute and fun thing to provide. Everyone's all dressed up and ready to take pictures, so you're just giving them a chance to do it! And it also keeps them entertained during cocktail hour while you're off taking much nicer pictures. 

The photobooth is also a place where you can add your own unique personality to the wedding - most weddings follow the same format, so any chance you have to infuse YOUR touch into it and make it meaningful should be seized! 

Many people do similar backdrops, which is fine, but the Kadleeteam came across some that surprised us and that we like! We wanted to share them with you - of course, the more people that use them, the less original they'll be, but c'est la vie. None of your guests will probably expect these. 


Modern greenery & neon wall

Greenery and neon are two things you wouldn't think go together but totally do. This would make a hip and memorable photo spot! Add your names in neon, or a fun saying, and consider providing polaroids to add to the retro vibe. 


cool wedding photobooth backdrop


Personalized Storybook

The perfect love story, but like, real life. This is perfect for your whimsical fairy tale wedding or if you are both book-lovers! Find some on Etsyor we've even seen some brides DIY it!

 storybook wedding photobooth backdrop


Comfy Quirky Couches

Tell your guests to snuggle up and say cheese - put couches behind a twinkle lights curtain, a wood wall, chalkboard decor, or flowers and set up some props for them to have fun with! Getting your guests to seat themselves will likely make for more cozy, fun photographs than if they're just standing. 


unique wedding photobooth ideas


What are your favorite backdrop ideas? Are there any you think we should see? Submit your photos to for a chance to be featured on our social media accounts or discuss your dream backdrop in the comments! Be sure to follow us for more wedding inspiration and advice. 

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