10 Thoughtful Bridesmaids Proposal Ideas That Won't Break The Bank

January 08, 2019

10 Thoughtful Bridesmaids Proposal Ideas That Won't Break The Bank

Want your top girls to get a little cute something to let them know how excited you are that they'll be by your side on the best day of your life? Here are some ideas! 



Bridesmaids proposals are a new trend, and one that the Kadlee team thinks is super creative! Why not go all out? Just because you're the one that got proposed to doesn't mean that you can't have some fun proposing as well! 


The beautiful parts of a wedding are in the details. But we also realize that costs can quickly add up, especially if you have a large bride tribe, and we don't want you to go over budget simply for the sake of something that is mostly just a social media-worthy formality (although we do think it means a lot to your bridesmaids to be formally asked!) The good news is that there's a compromise - we've compiled ten ways to ask that are cheap, easy, and still aesthetic/useful/fun! 


#1 – Jewelry 

What girl doesn't love bling? Necklaces & bracelets are great proposal gifts!

We highly approve of non-cheesy puns {but cheesy puns are also good}. This classy "tie the knot" bracelet and these infinity bracelets from Kadlee are a simple yet touching way to let your girl know that you don't want to marry your true love without her around. The best part? They're under 10$ (but we can certify they're high quality material she'll love!) Optional: have her wear it for the wedding!


 #2 – Tote Bag

If she's going to be your bridesmaid, and especially if she'll be your maid of honor, she'll be carrying around a lot of stuff (your shoes, extra lip gloss, etc.). By proposing with a tote bag, you give her a practical tool that is also a cute ask! 

Check out some customizable tote bags from Kadlee that are under 15$!


#3 – Tank Top

If you're headed to the beach for your bachelorette party, this would be such a great thing to receive! Everyone loves free clothes! Personalize it with her name or monogram or just opt for generic "Bridesmaid/Bride Squad/Bride Trip" lettering! Optional: this could also function as a pajama top - you could grab cute pajama pants from Target in your wedding colors! 

Consider these stylish tanks from Kadlee (all under 15$!)




#4 – Tumbler/Cooler/Koozie

Weddings involve lots of drinking, even if it's water to rehydrate! Give her something to hold liquid - it could be a wine cooleror champagne flute like this one from Etsy, or a cute koozie or tumbler like this Kadlee one that's monogrammed and can be personalized with your color of choice! 


#5 – Silk "Getting Ready" Robes

For my one maid of honor tour of duty so far, I was secretly hoping that the bride would provide these for us, and she did! It's one of those Pinterest worthy accessories that make the wedding "before" photos so much nicer and something that your bridesmaid can use for years to come! They make great keepsakes and you can personalize them with your bridesmaid's name and the color palette of your wedding. 

Kadlee robes are highest quality and really comfortable, and they're the least expensive ones you'll find! (Starting at just 15$!) Shop from a wide variety of colors and styles. Optional: Combine with lotions and nail polish to present a spa-day or wedding morning kit! 


#6 – Hair Ties or Accessories

We love this idea we found on Amazon! It's simple, sweet, and what girl out there doesn't need more hair ties?! (Except the pixie cut princesses. We see you.) 


#7 – Personalized Gift Box

No one knows your maid of honor/bridesmaids like you do. These gorgeous boxes allow you to fill them with little items like sunglasses, jewelry, flowers, socks, photographs, lingerie, or whatever you think she would love! We really like these ones from ModParty off of Etsy. 


#8– Keepsake Puzzle

This is one of the classiest and most unique ways we've seen to ask your bridesmaids (from Wistfully Modern off of Etsy)! You can enjoy them figuring out the surprise behind the message, and they can also frame it and hang it up! 


#9– Photo Frame 

This is one of the easiest but most genuine gift proposal ideas. Just find a nice photo frame (like this one from 2Chicks & A Basket off of Etsy) and include a favorite photo of you and her! 

#10– Chocolates/Donuts 

This one can require a little DIY skill, but giving your girls a sweet treat they can eat is a way to ask that they're sure to enjoy! (It's also cute without being expensive.) Get them some sort of decadent chocolate or gourmet donuts! Option: Write the letters "Will you be my bridesmaid?" in frosting, sprinkles, or powdered sugar on top! 

Which way is your favorite? Have you been asked more creatively for less? Let us know your experience in the comments! 


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