10 Reasons Why You Should Gift Kadlee Robes to Your Bridesmaids

August 07, 2019

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10 Reasons Why You Should Gift Kadlee Robes to Your Bridesmaids


We might be a little biased, but we think our robes are the best bridesmaids gifts you can get. Here's why!


Kadlee started creating bridesmaids robes in 2017, when (after ten years in the wedding industry), we realized that wedding morning robes were a must, but no quality seller offered them for affordable prices. So we started making them. 

We know that shopping online can be stressful, purely because it's hard to know if what you'll see is what you'll get. And you have a variety of options to choose from - just because we believe we're the best (and we'll attempt to convince you shortly) doesn't mean that there aren't other companies out there who sell bridesmaids robes, as well. 

So why should you choose Kadlee robes?


1. They're, like, really cheap....

Weddings are freaking EXPENSIVE. Bridesmaids gifts are one of those things that you know you'll have to spend money on (and you want to, of course, you want to show your bridesmaids how much they mean to you) but you don't want to spend a fortune on. Odds are you're already close to or have exceeded your wedding budget by the time you start thinking about this item, so you need affordable robes, especially if you have a large bridal party; the more bridesmaids you have, the more you'll spend on gifts.

Kadlee robes are really budget-friendly. We've had more than one bride tell us that we were the cheapest vendor they could find online. They start at $15.95, and customization starts at $5.00, which means if you have 5 bridesmaids and customize all of their robes with their monograms, for example, you'll spend around $100 on the cost of the gifts total. It's not uncommon to hear of brides spending $50 each on bridesmaids gifts, so it's a good deal! We also have discounts on large orders and special seasonal promotions that can further reduce the cost. 


2. But also really high quality. 

Just because they're cheap doesn't mean that they look cheap, which is the best part. If you're like most brides, your wedding is important to you, and you would pay a little more than you wanted to to ensure you get beautiful things. Our robes don't look cheap, and they don't rip. There are no messy stitches or stiff fabric.

They're durable, they're thick yet lightweight, they're silky, and they're cool. The colors are rich, and the length is comfortable. The customization looks classy - we don't want to give you a robe that looks like it was just hastily made with a name slapped on the back, so you're not getting that. You're getting a robe that makes a good gift, one you can be proud of giving. 



3. You can get them fast

Non-customized robes ship within 24 hours, and customized orders still ship quickly (depending on the quantity and request). Anything on Etsy takes days, and most other sellers don't have that kind of turnaround time. We do! If you're struggling with deadlines and coming up on your wedding day or bachelorette quickly, we can make sure we get the robes to you in time. We work personally with you to create and deliver your dream order! 



4. You can personalize them

The robes themselves are sweet gifts, but if something has your name on it, it becomes 10x sweeter. We have over 10 colors and font styles from you to choose from, so you can coordinate colors or just choose one that fits your bridesmaid's personality! You can turn your bridesmaid's or maid of honor's robe into something she'll be surprised by, touched by, and will treasure forever. 



5. We have a lot of color choices 

We currently have 18 solid color satin robes in stock and 7 floral satin robes in stock. Whatever your wedding color scheme is, you can find robes to match or complement it, or just choose the colors you like best! You can either get one for yourself to match your bridesmaids, or choose a color that designates you as the bride (same with your MOH). 

 colorful bridesmaids robes


6. They make the getting ready pictures look so.much.better

If we were re-writing this list in order, we would put this reason first. The whole reason we started Kadlee was because we realized the necessity of getting ready robes. You're paying a lot of money for a photographer; these pictures are the ones that you're going to be swooning over for your entire life, and the ones that everyone else will likely see as well! You don't want to be wearing your normal, worn-out pjs. Or a button up shirt that doesn't really look special or bridal. And you don't want your bridesmaids to just look like bystanders in the room - they need to look like bridesmaids! You should all be clothed beautifully even before your dresses go on, and not just for your sake, but for the pictures'. 


getting ready wedding photos


7. Your bridesmaids will wear them long after the wedding is over

Because they're so high quality, they really do last. Every robe we make is machine washable. And they feel so soft, and look so pretty, that your bridesmaids are going to want to wear them again. (One of our team members says she wears hers every single morning when she's getting ready for work, because she just really loves the way it makes her feel!)


bridesmaids robes


8. You can take yours on your honeymoon

We know you have lingerie, but this can go OVER that. And you can wear it in the hotel room. Or on the balcony while sipping mimosas with your new husbae. Or at the spa before you both get couples massages. Really, it's versatile, but you'll want it with you. He'll love it.  


bridal robe


9. They're really, really comfortable

In case you haven't gotten that from the other points. They're made of polyester, and we label them "satin", but really, they have a silky feel. Smooth. Cool. Light, but not flimsy. That's something that's hard to translate in writing, but it's one of the main reasons why we're such a successful company - because our robes are soooooo comfy. 


10. Other bridal parties loved them 

We have rave reviews. We hear daily from brides that say our customer service was above and beyond, that our robes were exactly like they looked in the pictures, that the bridal party was really happy with the gifts, that the pictures turned out beautifully, and etc. You can read the reviews, and shop around, at!


Thoughts? We'd love to hear your experience with bridal robes or with Kadlee in the comments! Go check out our website to see all of the products we have available, and share this post with another friend who's getting married soon! 

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